Please help our young artists and entrepreneurs by donating to Youth Digital Arts.  All of our young artists were introduced to the digital arts by taking classes at the Youth Digital Arts Cyber School.  They didn’t know what amazing skills they had until they were introduced to these inexpensive, professional, tools that they can install to create a Home Digital Art Studio.  They are just regular kids who love movies, animation, comics, Manga, or video games. They never imagined they could create their own beginning in 3rd grade.

Once they learned the skills they wanted to work on advanced projects and collaborate with other students.  They never knew they could become Student National Mentors and Fellows.  Our youngest Video Game Design Student National Mentor was 9 and Jason mentored high school students.  Our Youth are brilliant! They crave Responsibility.  Their young minds are hungry, it’s our collective obligation to feed them.  They need Opportunity and Access.  You can see from our galleries that our youth, your children, are prolific when given Opportunity and Access.

The arts are being systematically ripped out of our schools.  Youth Digital Arts provides Opportunity and Access for ALL students from initial introduction to group collaboration to becoming young entrepreneurs.

We will be setting up a donation system soon, in the meantime please Contact Us to make a donation supporting our brilliant youth.