Youth Art Market

Many of our students, Student National Mentors, and Student National Fellows are selling their art works as they learn to become Young Entrepreneurs.

They have their own own online stores selling all sorts of goods ranging from clothing to posters to cups and ornaments.  We are very proud to say that they are also writing their own stories, illustrating them and then publishing their own books.  This month we have had two Cyber Jams on “YDACS Students Are Publishing Their Own Books!” and we plan to have more in July.  Please enroll in our Cyber Jams to hear directly from the students and their parents how they are selling their art.

This Student Art Market will feature select student works beginning with t-shirts that you can order.  Our plan is to begin with Roblox t-shirts from the Roblox Gallery.

We will have a store up in the near future but you can order now via the Contact Us form.

YDACS Students Are Publishing Their Own Books! Cyber Jam!