Max – Student National Mentor – 9th grade – Kyouto – California

Posted By Youth Digital Arts on Oct 19, 2015 | 0 comments

Max’s first GIMP digital drawing using skills he learned from Master Ven during last Friday’s Cyber Jam.


“This character’s name is Kyouto (it means rebel). He lives in the capital of some imaginary land on earth. In this capital you’re allowed to run around with weapons for self-defense. Good thing, because there’s a lot of criminal activity in that city. Kyouto lives in the huge tunnel system under the city in an abandoned subway station, so he has electricity and all that good stuff. thoughtful

I’m planning on using him in a Manga that I’m working on with a friend.  I get lots of inspiration from other YDA students during Cyber Jams and in the Digital Manga and Comics Cyber Studio. Seeing all the epic works everyone else has done has inspired me to start making my own. Master Ven’s training helped me a lot in making this. Jake has inspired a lot of my video game design and programming, it helped me expand it a lot.”


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