Integrating the Digital Arts with Physics! Evelyn – Student National Mentor – 11th grade – Michigan

Posted By Youth Digital Arts on Nov 12, 2018 | 0 comments

We love it when our students, and Student National Mentors, integrate their digital art skills with other subjects.  This is an excellent example where Evelyn used the digital art tools and skills she learned in her YDACS courses to illustrate a group parachute design for her physics class, all the way from brainstorming to the final design.  This is her explanation of her illustration:

“Here’s something small that I have done recently with Inkscape. I love it when my schoolwork can utilize the program! Our project was to design a parachute for physics, and diagrams needed to be included in the report. Inkscape made it a lot easier for me to neaten up my sketches and present them in a clean-cut format. Not a super artistic example, but definitely a mode of design.”

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