Amazing Student Testimonials!

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Amazing Student Testimonials!

Digital Animation 101 - DA101

Chance - Grade 9

I've finished DA101. I learned a lot about how to use digital animation software, and about the principles of animation. I had fun taking this course, and I plan to use these techniques in my own animations.

Revin - Grade 9

I enjoyed the class and liked learning how simple some animations can be but yet they look so good.

Chase - Grade 11

Moho is a great software, it is slightly different than anime studio but the lesson videos still showed almost the exact same features so it was easy to follow along. I used version 12 by the way.

If anyone is looking for digital arts classes I highly recommend using this site and taking the courses, the videos give exact instructions allowing you to get used to and comfortable with the software in no time.

Thank you YDACS!

Digital Drawing and Painting 101 - DDP101

Kierstin - Grade 10

My goodness this course was so amazing! I really enjoying making my work posts for this course. I learned how to shade and fill in new ways and also learned new techniques, such as burning and dodging, as well as more effective ways to use the tools available.

Katrina - Grade 12

I have learned a lot from this class. I enjoyed learning from different people; that is one part of the course that I loved the most. Shading was one of my favorite parts to learn too. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this class!

Digital Manga 101 - DM101

Lidia - Grade 6

I really enjoyed DM101. I loved the part when the teacher was teaching about drawing, simplifying the drawing, using fill to color, and using the gradients.

Yusuf Sharay - Grade 12

I really enjoyed the lessons and how they were very easy to understand.

Damon - Grade 12

I really liked this course. I have enjoyed learning how to draw manga. Something I thought I could never do. Now I have the confidence thanks to this course. The videos were very informative and helped a ton. I can't wait to start the next course. Graphic Arts is fun for me so far..

Platform Video Game Design - VGD101

Payton - Grade 8

I've Finished VDG101 and i really enjoyed it. the super knight was the first video game that i ever made.

Jayden - Grade 12

I've just finished VGD101, and I can say that I've learned so much. I learned how to create frames, events, conditions, and so much more. I had so much fun with this class, it was incredible… I couldn't help but do multiple chapters in a row! I'm really happy with this class, and will make sure to use what I've learned to make incredible video games.

Tariq - Grade 12

This course was awesome for learning about how to use Fusion.

Aidan - Grade 12

I loved this course. I have always wanted to learn how to code video games. I have learned many things throughout this course. For example, how to add commands with other commands.

RPG Video Game Design - VGD102

Grant - Grade 7

I liked the freedom that I had to shape it any way I wanted.

Jayden - Grade 12

I feel like I've learned so much! I learned about creating complex enemies, about making power-ups, and how to design a world map. I absolutely loved this course, and was so glad I could take it. I really feel like I'll be able to use this knowledge to make a great video game one day! Thank you so much, YDACS, for everything.

Internet Video Game Design – IVGD101

Brien- Grade 10

I've Finally finish MY GAME!!! Some parts were a bit confusing but I think I managed to make everything correct and work properly. I enjoyed spending time working on this Video Game, and I want to continue creating my own video games!

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