ALL Youth NEED the Sustained Opportunity to Assume Responsibility, Grow Into Leadership, and Become Confident Entrepreneurs!


All youth can realize their potential if provided with a sustained, nurturing, and collaborative environment where they can grow their skills and become leaders.  At Youth Digital Arts all it takes is a passion and love for the digital arts.

Our students, advanced students, Student National Mentors, and Student National Fellows are achieving greatness.  You can read the case study written by one of the top digital animation software companies about Caleb’s great achievements  Youth Digital Arts – PAVING THE WAY TO CREATIVE SUCCESS.  Caleb researched and designed our 3D Video Game Design 101 course.  He is currently researching revisions to our 2D Video Game Character Design course, VGD103v2.

A few years ago Luke had a large international fan art community that loved his work so much they shared their own versions of his work.  Luke is an amazing 2D and 3D artist who uses very unique methods.  He never sketches, it’s all in his head, and he only uses a mouse.  His works are highly professional and innovative.


Luke's innovative 2.5D! "Quin and his Charizard"


As a high school freshman last year Shane excelled in 3D digital art college courses!  Shane also has an online store where he sells a book he wrote, clothes printed with his art, and many other products.

Jade, as an eighth grader last year, was commissioned via our Youth Digital Arts Patron program to create our new corporate logo.  Jade is an amazing and prolific artist who completes a new work during every Cyber Jam.   Jade was “the” digital art department for our Internet Video Game Design 101 course.  🙂


YDACS logo small_edited-2


Jake has been with us since he was 10 years old and is now in his sophomore year of college, working on his first novel, is our resident 2D Video Game Design expert, and an incredible digital music composer.  You can listen to some of his compositions in our Blog.

Isaac is an excellent 2D artist and the video game designer for our Internet Video Game Design 101 course.

John is a very talented 2D comic artist with his emerging web comic “Scratch.”

Mackenzie is an amazing 3D modelling genius.  Ideas pop into her head, like wondering how she would model and animate the physics of a drop of water falling into a cube of water, and the physics of ripple propagation, and then she does it!  You can watch this animation and many others in our Blog.

Jenna is excellent digital artist focusing on digital drawing, painting, and designing and creating her own original video games.  Jenna is also writing her first novel, Gladiators, which you can read as she writes it, and see many of her original characters in our Blog.  She also loves horses.


exploring paint strokes

exploring paint strokes


Brent is a thespian who has memorized all of Monty Python and therefore “always looks on the bright side of life!”  He is also an excellent 2D Video Game Designer.

These are some of our Student National Mentors and Student National Fellows.  They are young entrepreneurs experimenting, exploring, refining, making mistakes, learning, presenting, collaborating, and becoming leaders, just because they love and are passionate about their digital art.

They are just regular kids who learned skills in our Introductory classes, were Inspired, Inspire others, and are achieving their Aspirations by doing what they love.