Recorded Cyber Jams

Jamming With Young Professional Artists From Top Hollywood and Digital Art Studios!

A Young DreamWorks Visual Development Artist

January 17, 2019 and January 24, 2019

Soyun demonstrated how she started her Nutcracker project with a paper sketch that she imported into Photoshop.

She later demonstrated how she used the traditional principles of design and lots of Photoshop layers to create her final work.

It’s incredibly rare for young aspiring artists to be able to jam with professional artists from the top Hollywood digital art studios and companies like DreamWorks and Nickelodeon. It’s especially rare for students beginning in the 3rd grade – except during Youth Digital Arts Cyber Jams! Inspiration at a very young age can propel a lifetime of happiness working in a field they fell in love with as a child. That’s exactly what happened with Soyun who is now a Visual Development artist at DreamWorks in Hollywood.

During our two January 2019 Cyber Jams with Soyun, she shared her journey from being inspired by Disney animations as a young girl living in Korea to now working at DreamWorks.

We loved learning from Soyun and she loved learning from and having fun jamming with our young aspiring artists. Jamming with our students brought her back to when she was a young girl and gave her an opportunity to share her accumulated knowledge and experience.

Students who attended the Cyber Jams were very fortunate to hear Soyun’s story and learn the traditional art and digital art techniques Soyun used for her college works at the ArtCenter in Pasadena and at DreamWorks.

We recorded our 1/17/19 and 1/24/19 Cyber Jams with Soyun so all students can benefit from our Cyber Jams. Our live Cyber Jams are three hours long. We separated our 1/17/19 Cyber Jam into 20 videos to make viewing easy.

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